Visiting Alcudia Bay

Alcudia, Mallorca, Bay Of Pollenca

Location of the Alcudia Bay.

The Alcudia Bay is situated in the northwest of Majorca. One of its most important cities is Can Picafort, which is located beside other touristic locations like Betlem, Colonia de Sant Pere or Alcudia.

Additionally, since 2017, the city council of Palma has empowered buses which run every 60 minutes from the Majorcan airport to Can Picafort, which makes it easier for tourists to see all of the protected areas in the Alcudia Bay.

Interesting harbors to rent a boat at the Alcudia Bay.

Navigation is now an appealing attraction in Alcudia Bay since its crystal clear water has been world-wide recognized as one of the best in Europe. The navigation newbies or the experts in navigation can find a wide offer to lease a boat in the area.

From all the marinas at the bay, the Alcudia harbour and the Can Picafort harbour deserve special attention: The Alcudia harbor because of its large capacity and because it owes its name to the bay, and Can Picafort because recently it has become a point of concentration for tourists who choose to visit spots away from the crowd of large cities, and who find in Can Picafort or Colonia de Sant Pere or Betlem the desired serenity.

The reason you can take advantage of your day Wildlife Removal Clermont FL there is because Can Picafort is in the heart of the Alcudia Bay. If you choose to navigate up north heading to Pollensa, you will discover amazing spots such as Cala Figuera o Cala Formentor, Coll Baix o Ses Caletes. However, if you decide to navigate towards the southeast, then you’ll enjoy the most amazing spots of the bay: Colonia de Sant Pere, in which the nature fuses with the sea. The voyage offers lots of unforgettable moments when sailing across the Natural Park of Levante, one of those two areas of special protection in Majorca. The calm of its waters invites you to stop at any of its secret coves and to go for a swim and to relax contemplating the two largest mountain ranges in the exact same time: Tramuntana and Levante.

Tourists have a wide assortment of offers to select from.

Most of the boat rental businesses have boats with or without permit. This determines the type of boat to lease, which allows beginners and experts to enjoy the freedom and disconnect from the daily hard work.

Once onboard there are multiple options. Anchoring in any of the unknown coves of the bay, going for a swim or sunbathing on the deck. However, these options aren’t the only ones. Others are snorkelling, wakeboarding, fishing or even making the most of the culinary offer that the bay offers, such as”sobrasada”,”pà amb oli” or any of the delicious Majorcan wine onboard. Each visitor decides how to produce their sailing experience a special moment.

The best boat rental company at the Alcudia Bay.

A good way to choose from the wide boat offer at the Alcudia Bay is studying the clients’ comments carefully. Another way is to go to the official webpages to examine the technical features and capacity of each boat and pick the one which meets your needs.

At this point it’s clear that you must experience surfing in the Alcudia Bay at least once in your life. Also, it’s the best starting point to create your fantasies come true.

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