Less is More

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It is less about sheer aesthetic value and more about functionality.

The utility, the practicality of the space, the decoration is what creates its aesthetic and not the other way round. Minimalism, in the art form has now progressed to a lifestyle. A lifestyle that a growing number of people are increasingly embracing. You see, the moment you declutter your house, free it from all of the tangible additional baggage; a certain sense of’being free’ is felt at a really innate level. People tend to feel lighter in a very philosophical level.

One solution for those looking to declutter their houses is to get storage boxes. Today, one finds a lot of storage boxes online. It is thus a good idea to purchase such boxes which clear up maximum mess while taking the least space. In fact, start looking for boxes which serve multiple purposes. Look for ways to integrate the storage containers that you purchase, with the rest of your decor.

Here are some measures that you can take to live more minimally, and in extension, more happily-

1. Make it Count-

Consider your home to be a beautiful puzzle. Allow the decor be such that every product fits within it in a perfectly balanced way. Let there be no excess piece, however pretty it may be. Anything that doesn’t serve a purpose of fulfilling that mystery is a piece that does not count and so should just be disregarded.

2. Quality vs. Quantity-

An individual must rather have key pieces that make a statement as opposed to multiple baubles that do nothing but produce noise. Getting carried away by sweeping trends may sound quite alluring at first but will only end up being a waste in the longer run. Instead, invest in classic decor products. By way of example, of all the options of storage boxes online, it’s advisable to purchase vintage storage boxesrather than a number of other boxes for decoration. This will make certain your accents appear classy for years to come. Bear in mind, the principle of quality over quantity to always keep a cleaner, de cluttered house decoration.

3. Left door in, Right door out-

Often we get so caught up in buying all of the pretty things that come our way, we forget how we have a lot of similar stuff already. This ensures that there is no’crap’ as such lying around our homes. Things that we have not used in ages, broken decor accents that we can’t seem to let go, etc should all be shown the door to make way for newer, better things.

4. Small Steps Count-

If the modern home decor with its minimalist values is something that you are sceptic about but still want to get it introduced into your life, it’s best you ease into it slowly. For many new things in life, taking a sudden, complete plunge doesn’t always bode well. Taking small steps towards embracing a new philosophy is a sure shot way of sticking with it for a longer duration. This way, you have the ability to listen to details and slowly but steadily get accustomed to a new lifestyle. A lifestyle that you’ll realise soon enough declutter your life figuratively as it does literally, giving you a clearer head together with a cleaner area!

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