Is There a Right Age for Getting Engaged?

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Getting engaged is one of a handful of things people anticipate most in their own lifetimes.

This, in turn, leads several critics to decry young engagements, stating that people should wait until their late 20s and 30s before making this sort of decision. However, for each advocate of a more’mature’ engagement era, there’ll be another voice proclaiming that there is nothing wrong with getting engaged while young, and that it’s the love, rather than the age or any other factor, which matters the most.

For future brides and grooms caught in the middle of those two opposing opinions, it might therefore be tough to determine which side is right. The answer is both. The reality is, there seems to be no right or wrong age to become engaged; however, both camps present strong points as part of the argument.

Love Conquers All… Or Does It?

Should somebody wish to find a culprit for the ratio of young and unprepared people getting engaged without thinking of the consequences, the press in general could be a good target. Hollywood movies and glossy magazines certainly glamorise the whole engagement process, and with a large part of their audience consisting of women and men of impressionable age, it’s not hard to understand how the stories and relationships relayed in these media could lead to a high number of young engagements.

They are, therefore, able to support themselves and their partner, something most young adults leaving school or only landing their first job might be unable to do. As such, it is not rare to see young engagements falling apart because of lack of preparation, planning or simply because of characters still in their formative stages.

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On the other hand, getting engaged in a later age may take some of the excitement and thrill out of the entire procedure. Although it’s not uncommon to see older couples as giddy about their engagement as their younger counterparts, young individuals tend to be more vulnerable to seize the moment and be swept away at the prospect of a lifetime together. As such, a youthful engagement (but not too young) can often be a more fulfilling experience than one carried out at a later age.

At the end of the day, however, the fact remains: there’s no wrong or right age to get engaged, and remarks on this subject will always vary. It is thus up to the brides and grooms-to-be to ascertain whether or not they have the means and the maturity to take this important step in not only their relationships, but also their own lives.

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