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Below is a list of a fisherman’s or fisherwoman’s arsenal plus some tips

Fish Rod – Bait Casting, Spinning, Telescopic, Fly Rods and much more
Fishing Reel – Bait Casting, Spinning, Fly Reels and more
Clothing for Fishermen – Male and Female
Fishing Gear for Children, Boys and Girls
Fish Hooks – a huge range for various types of fishing
Lures and Flies
Fishing Line, Braided and Nylon and everything in between
Fishing Accessories – impossible to list all that is available
Fishing Combos – Rod and Reel plus other needed goodies all in one
I suggest CATCH AND RELEASE and here are a couple of tips to use. Fish stocks worldwide are under stress, some forms more that other so if you don’t catch for the pot release the fish. The majority of us unfortunately have no idea if the fish is male or female, carrying eggs or not therefore releasing the fish safely back to its habitat is the right thing to do.

Use Circle Hooks. These hooks are designed so that the point is turned away from the shank to form a round shape. The Circle Hook has been heavily researched and is a must for all catch-and-release anglers. Eliminate the Barb on the hook.Use a set of pliers or forceps to squash the barb down. This produces much more interesting fishing since you need to keep the line taught so that the fish doesn’t spit out the hook. Barbless hooks are much safer, simpler and quicker to remove therefore causes less stress for the fish.

Be conscious of the fact that hooking a fish is extremely stressful for it. Too much stress can let the fish die even after hours after release.

To combat this problem use oversize equipment to land the fish as soon as possible.
Wet your hands before handling a fish.
Use a net which won’t damage the fish.
Use surgical forceps or specific pliers plus a tool which may reduce the metal of this hook if needed.
If your forceps/pliers will not release the hook then cut on the line where it is tied to the hook. The hook will rust soon and give the fish a better chance of recovery.
Never ever attempt to remove a hook through the fish’s gills. Actually do not touch the gills at all.


Fish may seem lethargic when released. Hold the fish to the stream or in still water grip the fish gently and move it backward and forward until you feel it is ready to be released.

And now the main issue!

While the catch and release issue but it’s definitely at the forefront of saving our oceans for future generations. It is in everybody’s interest to be responsible!
Leave the area better than you found it. Always have a container or bag with you to take your rubbish, used line, lures, flies, bait containers and much more with you to dispose of in the correct manner and pick up theĀ Squirrel Poop

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